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Ая Леонидовна Владимирская

Творческая биография


А.Л. Владимирская – профессиональный художник, работающий в технике офорта, литографии, акварели и масла.

Член Творческого Союза Художников России.


Окончила Московский Полиграфический Институт по классу книжной иллюстрации.



Aia L. Vladimirsky is a professional artist.  She works in various media, including etching, lithography, watercolor, and oil.  She has a degree from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts, and is a member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists.

Selected Personal Exhibitions:


Switzerland:  1996 and 1994 La Galerie Chauss-Coq, Geneva


Norway:         1992 Roros Etching and Painting

                        1991 Sauda Graphic Art and Painting


USA:               1994 Yefim Schukin Fine Arts Gallery, Larkspur Landing, California

                        1993 Artbeat Gallery, Saratoga, California

                        1992 Carmel Private Collection Inc., Carmel, California

                        1992 gallery of Contemporary International Art, Santa Fé, New Mexico



Selected Group Exhibitions:

Italy                2017  International Exhibition of Graphic Art, Florence


Russia:           2016  International Exhibition of Printing Arts, Central Gallery of the Russian Artist's Union, Moscow

                        2014  Book Design of Moscow Artists, Central Gallery of the Russian Artists' Union, Moscow      

                        2005, 2007 Biennially of Contemporary Arts,Moscow

                        1997 - 2003 Yearly exhibitions of Graphic Artists, Kuznetsky Most, Moscow


Spain:            1996 Obra Graphica, Oviedo, Asturias

Belgium:       1996 France Masereel Centrum

USA:              1996 "Black and White", Pope Gallery, Santa Cruz                              

                       1993 Biennial Drawing and Print Making Exhibition, Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara


Books illustrated:


   "One Hundred Years of Solitude", Gabriel Garcia Marques (lithographic illustrations)


   "Ancient Russian Fairy tales" (Indian ink)


   "Selected Russian Poets of the Early 20Th Century" (etchings)


   "Short Stories" Yuri Olesha (etchings)


   "The Clown", Heinrich Böll (indian ink)


   "The Light Steps", A. Tolstoy (etchings)


   "The Magic Mirror", African Fairy tales (watercolors)

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